Serving the legal community for over 25 years!

Legal Experience

With 25+ of years serving the legal community, we are still working with many of the same accounts for as long. Our professionalism can not be beat!

Rush Service Anytime

We will handle any rush matter, any day, any time. Every law firm is faced with this at one time or another. We are always there for you!

Extreme Determination

We can handle service in every state in the country through our independent 25+ years of successful relationships with process servers throughout the nation!

Services We Offer

  • Process Serving
  • Secretary of State Service (Lowest Fee Available and Service within 24 hrs)
  • Police Reports - (Obtained for Accident or Criminal Matters)
  • Criminal; Background Check - (Know who you are hiring or renting to)
  • County Clerk - (Retrieval of Documents from Files, Deeds, Businesses, certificates, etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle Abstracts
  • Orders to Show Cause - (Signed by Justice of the Court)
  • Subpoenas- (So-Ordered)
  • Skip Trace
  • Many more Services Offered

Professional Process Servers

You Are Served specializes in both national and international service of process. Our clients have entrusted in our ability to be RELIABLE, ALWAYS AVAILABLE, and, most importantly, CREDIBLE. From summons and complaints to matrimonial matters, You Are Served handles all aspects of service reliably and professionally.

Having someone served with a subpoena or other legal document can be difficult and even emotional. Whether you are serving your spouse with divorce papers or child support documents, the legal process is hard enough without worrying that the company you entrust will fail to accomplish service, which simply makes things more complicated and you have to start the proceeding all over. Know your process server, even ask for references of their service history. At You Are Served, we have extensive experience working with people engaged in family law issues, and we are sensitive and dedicated to serving your legal documents problem free.

In addition to offering services to people acting pro bono, You Are Served works with lawyers, paralegals, corporate legal departments, town/village attorneys nationwide, and offers free guidance to people not able to afford an attorney, serving such documents as a subpoena, order to show cause, landlord/tenant actions, and all other legal documents. Our knowledge of the legal system gives us the experience to work with lawyers & paralegals on their level, which puts us in a league of our own!

Landlord Tenant (Disputes & Services)

Do you have a tenant issue? Because there are many, what we call "professional tenants" who know the system and can buy months of time without paying rent. You Are Served is one step ahead of them. For attorneys or landlords (who simply cannot afford counsel) we prepare notices & petitions, purchase the index number, serve the tenant, and place on the calendar, all for one package price. All you are responsible to do is show up in court. You Are Served is a step ahead of them. We know their tricks!

Service Area

Our process service company is based out of Setauket, NY and we offer services throughout the boroughs. We serve process, do document preparation, file with the courts, and do document retrieval in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Additionally, through our affiliate networks and connections we can offer service of process throughout the US and internationally at competitive prices. We guarantee service of process and court filing in any county, any state, any time.

About Us

You are Served has serviced the legal community for over 25 years. We have the experience that makes the difference. Whether preparing and serving a subpoena, filing at the courthouse, or recovering documents, our focus is your best interests. We are committed to providing a personalized experience every time! You will never have to chase us down to find out the status of your case. We report the status of the job at hand on a daily basis to our clients via email or telephone communication. We honestly believe that communication is the most important factor in a process server-client relationship. Know who you are working with. We guarantee that we will earn your trust.

Additional Services

For the convenience of our clients, we offer several different legal support services. You Are Served is loyal to their clients and with that when you are in a jam, we are always there to get you out of it. We never will refuse a rush service.

Skip Tracing

Using investigative skills, talking to family and neighbors, and searching online resources, we can find your evasive defendant and serve them accordingly.

Document Recovery from County Clerks

Don't do your own document recovery. We can efficiently recover any necessary civil and criminal court records from the clerk, including documents, deeds, files, business certificates. Additionally, we can run a thorough background check on anyone and obtain police reports and driving records.

Our prices are adjusted based on volume. We offer special rates to volume accounts. Call us for a quote. We will beat everyone's fees!


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I am the senior managing partner at the firm of Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates. A couple of years ago our regular process server simply was not getting the job done. My brother, who operates a law practice of his own recommended Cliff Schneiderman. We gave Cliff a try and he has been our process server exclusively ever since. Cliff is not only a gentleman who is a pleasure to deal with, he pays attention to detail, he always gets the service done and his paperwork afterward is impeccable. Cliff has served subjects for us on only hours notice. He has spent hours tracking subjects down and going far above the call of duty in cases other process servers simply would have thrown in the towel. Cliff does it all. He has filed the papers with the Clerk when we need it and has brought the finished affidavits of service to the Courts to be filed to make our lives easier. I'm not quite sure how we got by without Cliff before, but I cannot overstate the degree of professionalism he brings to the job and how hard he works and how much effort he puts into his work as a process server. I recommend Cliff Schneiderman without reservation. Use him and his company and you will be very much pleased at the level of service, hard work and professionalism he brings to the job.

- Todd Zimmer Esq.
Senior Managing Partner
Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates
6080 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, N.Y. 11725

Cliff did a great job on serving my ex. He did it fast and communicated the entire time. Thank you for making this process less painful.

- Stephanie Grimaldi

This was a very scary time for me. I appreciated the amazing customer service given by this company. I was so scared and confused when I had this individual served. This company walked with me hand in hand and over extended themselves with professionalism, care, and ACCURACY. Thank you so much for proving that great companies and amazing customer service still exist! I would recommend this company to as many people as I can and, if you're reading this, you should too. Thanks!

- Lateashia Beasley

Cliff's customer service was greatly appreciated. He went above and beyond to make this process as simple as possible.

- Debra Pappas

I live in San Diego and needed to have my ex-husband served in New York. After 10 failed attempts (2 separate occasions) to have my ex served, I decided to find my own process server which lead me to an internet search resulting in finding Cliff. Cliff took on the challenge of finding my dodgy ex-husband and did exactly as he said he would during our first conversation. "No one ever gets away," were Cliff's exact words and he delivered on that promise. He was professional and very respectful of everyone he encountered during this full-house holiday weekend family gathering. He made every attempt to make sure my ex was served without doing it in front of everyone since the point of this was to get him served, not embarrass him. Internet searches rarely turn out this great. Thank you for doing such an awesome job Cliff.

- The AthElite

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